Kate Robbins, Creative Director


The Meet Group is a fast-growing portfolio of social media apps designed to meet the universal need for human connection. The apps let users across the globe (in more than 100 countries) chat, share photos, stream live video, and discuss topics of interest. The apps are available on iPhone, iPad, and Android in multiple languages.


Back in 2006, I joined a tiny startup company called "myYearbook" which would later become "The Meet Group". What started as a high school version of Facebook co-founded by three siblings from New Jersey, turned into a profitable company with $40+ million revenue and over 100 employees. I joined the company as their first designer and took the opportunity to work my way up to Creative Director; playing a role in TMG's growth and success over the years.

Although I generally focused on team leadership and product design for the company - starting with web and continuing to mobile - I've had the chance to collaborate on a multitude of projects and acquire many skills during the past decade. A selection of recent projects is below:

The Meet Group's Brands

In addition to their corporate brand, I provided overall design direction for the company's following iOS and Android apps

Web & Mobile Digital Design Work

Although much of my time was spent managing the design team, I also assisted in hands on design of the apps and websites

Presentations and Digital Documents

Being on an in-house design team means I was often tasked with creating presentations that represented our brands while also communicating pertinent information to the audience, whether they be investors, board members, or media outlets.

Company Swag

For any tech startup, employee swag is imperative - Although I've created dozens of items branded with our various logos, I especially enjoyed working on fun apparel designs for our hackathons and conferences

Partner Website & Print Design

TMG created a public service called SocialSafety to provide information and resources to help their members stay safe while participating in their online community. I provided the direction of the website and overall design of the printed information packet.

Large Format Print Items

Another necessity for most tech companies is a versatile and easily transportable booth setup for off-site conferences and events - both the marketing and recruiting teams were able to use the booth I designed

Office/Interior Design

As The Meet Group continued to expand, we wanted to be able to recruit talent from Philadelphia and decided to open a satellite office in Center City. This decision came with the unique opportunity for me to get my feet wet in designing a brand new workspace from scratch.

Initial Space
Mood Board
Project Completion

After approximately 14 weeks and $10K under budget, the company moved into their new space in The Bailey Building.