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I'm Kate Robbins, a dedicated Creative Director with over a decade of leadership experience and a design journey spanning more than 15 years.

My passion for design, combined with a strong commitment to leadership, has allowed me to head up innovative design teams and create transformative digital experiences. Join me in exploring my work and my design philosophy, or feel free to drop me a line.

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About Kate

Experienced Design Director

Kate has a proven track record of leading teams in developing and launching successful product designs and is driven by the belief that well-crafted design has the power to transform businesses and enrich user lives. She is proficient in interaction design, user research, and data visualization, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Kate's passion about creating intuitive and visually stunning design across multiple platforms, combined with her strong leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams make Kate an invaluable asset to any organization.

My Skills

Adobe CS, Google Workspace, Sketch, Figma, Google Analytics, Leadership, Advertising

Innovative Design 90%
Creative Problem Solving 95%
Communication & Collaboration 95%
Team Leadership 90%


Previous companies and my tasks

VP of Product & Growth / Head of Design

Prometheus Interactive
2019 - 2022

Responsible for shaping the company's product strategy, customer growth, and design vision, ensuring alignment with the organization's financial and consumer goals.

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Head of Design

Picwell Inc.
2018 - 2019

Initiated and delivered a comprehensive redesign of Picwell's customer-focused SaaS product, resulting in a more user-friendly and customer-centric software solution.

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Creative Director

The Meet Group
2010 - 2018

Led and mentored a talented design team on a wide variety of projects, while also collaborating closely with executive leadership to align design strategies with overarching business objectives, ensuring a harmonious blend of creative vision and corporate goals.

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Full Résumé


Montclair State University
2001 - 2003

Liberal Arts

Anthem Institute
2003 - 2004

Multimedia Design

"Kate has provided me with fantastic marketing, sales presentation, and technology product designs. Kate always quickly grasps the business problem which allows her to work independently and accomplish the project intent. She's practical and flexible in her approach to projects and enjoyable to work with."

Ben Pitts
Co-Founder, myFinancialAnswers

Kate is a manager you can honestly talk to, and will truly believe in and try to do what is best for her designers. As a leader, she is inspiring, emotionally intelligent, and empathetic. She is a strong advocate for women, underrepresented minorities, and diversity in the tech industry. She encouraged us to lean in, the way she managed us was by creating more opportunities, with gentle guidance, actionable feedback and belief in our abilities.

Xinyi Deng
Product Designer, The Meet Group

Kate always gave us room to explore new design without being the stereotyped Director over your shoulder. Kate lead with both certainty and humility; which is a very fine line to balance. She fostered a mini-culture within Design that made us feel needed and wanted. It may seem like a very simple thing but it does wonders for making every project feel exciting and I always knew that she had our backs.

David Morris Weinstein
Lead Designer, The Meet Group

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