Kate Robbins

Creative Director / Designer

Focal is a daily look at life. Every day, users are given a photo challenge to complete and can see what others are doing for the same prompt.


Focal was a stand-alone app idea that spawned during a company sponsored hackathon. I designed the UI/UX and collaborated with a few people from different departments to put together a working prototype within two days. The hackathon had a competitive component where the employees with the winning idea would be given a week to create a fully functioning app to launch in the app store. Focal won the competition, and although the app didn't have the traction and success we had hoped for, we enjoyed creating an app we were passionate about at the time.

No Registration Needed

One of the things we focused on to separate our app from others was to let users begin using the app without needing to register with an email or phone number. You could jump right in and see the daily prompt, as well as other photos before deciding to sign up for the app.

Simplified Registration

Once someone was interested in making their first post viewable to other members, we made registration dead simple. You would create a username and password, and even though we prompted users to add a photo and email address, these were all skippable items and not required.

Sharing for Virality

One of our key components to try to get organic users and virality was social sharing. We made it easy to share out all your photos to your favorite social media sites.

What became of Focal

Focal was available in the app store for a year, and although we weren't able to make it an overnight success story growing our userbase organically, it was one of the most fun and interesting learning experiences I've ever gotten to be a part of!

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